Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our Colorful Alpacas

There is an official Alpaca Registry color chart, that is certified by the Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association (AOBA). This is how you know what color to list your alpaca on their official registry, and which color class they will show in at any alpaca show.

Here is a picture of our color chart:

In addition to the 16 colors shown on this chart there are also multi-color alpacas, and alpacas with patterns. Even after all those categories, there are some that still don't fit into a category and are put into "Indefinite Light" or "Indefinite Dark". Our own OHVNA Pocahontas is an indefinite dark. She has a main color of brown, but also has some grey fibers. If she had more grey fibers she would have been considered a rose grey, but as it was she wasn't brown or rose grey, so they called her "indefinite dark".

My goal when starting our farm was to have animals in many different colors. Some farms specialize in one or two specific colors, which was a popular theme back when we began our farm (and still is a goal of many farms). We specifically chose not to do that. I like all the colors, and want yarn in all the natural colors. Plus, as we found this past year when you have so many in one color class, it makes showing them very difficult. This past year we had so many greys that shows were hectic and more stressful. We prefer to have a balance of different colors. (But as evidenced by this past year, even if we plan for many colors, you get what you get. Though I have to say, if there was a color for us to have lots of, I'm glad it was grey, I love the greys!)

Here are the alpacas on our farm broken down by color:

White (WH)

GF Raphaella’s Sancha
ATA Peruvian Harley

Beige (BG)

OHVNA Chaska

Light Fawn (LF)

Kateri’s Tehya
Straightfork Vanilla Latte

Medium Fawn (MF)

Dodge City Miss Kitty
ATA Peruvian Boppana
Butterscotch Bay
JLFA Pot of Gold’s Northwestern

Dark Fawn (DF)

Persnickety Miss (Snickers)
MPAF Jewel
JLFA Frango’s Dutch Harbor

Light Brown (LB)


Medium Brown (MB)

Dark Brown (DB)

Hana’s Victoria

Bay Black (BB)

True Black (TB)

Gabriel Star of RobAsia
KSF Midnight Masquerade (Maddie)

Light Silver Grey (LSG)

ARF Our Peruvian Tucker

Medium Silver Grey (MSG)

Dark Silver Grey (DSG)

NL Smokey
Smokey’s Twilight

Light Rose Grey (LRG)

Enlightenment’s Rocky Rose

Medium Rose Grey (MRG)

SA Peruvian Greyt Exxpectations

Dark Rose Grey (DRG)

OHVNA The Challenger
Our Peruvian Dark Thunder

I am very excited that we have animals in just about every color class!

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