Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Herd Health

This past weekend we spent half a day on Herd Health. We typically set aside a day each month so that we can address any concerns. This month our plan was to weigh all the cria and yearlings, and to give them AD&E shots. We also trimmed up top knots. Then for all our alpacas (there are 19 alpacas on our farm at this point), we checked each animal over for any concerns, and trimmed their toe nails.

The first thing that impressed us is that we have become so efficient at Herd Health. I remember times we had fewer alpacas, but it took us all day to complete these same chores. We are faster at herding and haltering and assessing each animal. We got everything done in less than half a day!

Another thing that I always keep in mind is that it seems no matter how careful we are, at least one of us walks away with an injury. Thankfully it's never been that serious of an injury, but sometimes it's a lingering issue. I was hopeful that this time we could escape without pain, but at some point something happened to my knee that left bruises. I remember at one point feeling a sharp pain and thinking "my knee hurts" but I don't remember what happened. Now I have some bruises on the right side of my right knee. It doesn't hurt to walk or move my knee. But the bruises are sore and tender enough they wake me up at night if I roll over and my knee touches the bed.

Everyone seems to be healthy and doing well. We are most excited that Gabe is not only on the mend, but he has gained weight and he is back to his healthy self!!

This is the yearling boy's shelter:

The boys up close (Chaska is the beige one, Challenger the grey one, and Gabe is the true black one):

Gabe himself:

I can't get over his ears!

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