Sunday, September 25, 2011

Our First Place Winners

I created a new page (link here, there is also a link on the left side column of this blog) to keep track of all our 1st place ribbon winners. We are so proud of them!!

I added the official show first place ribbon pictures (if we have them). Unfortunately for a couple of shows this year, we never got our picture CD.


Gabriel Star of RobAsia ~ MBS, 5/2011, Davisburg MI (Level II) 1st Place and Color Champion!

Enlightenment's Rocky Rose ~ MBS, 5/2011, Davisburg MI (Level II)

Smokey's Twilight ~ MBS, 5/2011, Davisburg MI (Level II)

Enlightenment's Rocky Rose ~ GMAF, 5/2011, Madion WI (Level IV)

Smokey's Twilight ~ GMAF, 5/2011, Madison WI (Level IV)

OHVNA The Challenger ~ Best of the US, 3/2011, Columbus OH (Level IV)

Smokey's Twilight ~ Best of the US, 3/2011, Colubus OH (Level IV)


Enlightenment's Rocky Rose ~ OABA Alpacafest, 11/2010, Springfield OH (Level IV)

OHVNA Pocahontas ~ Indiana Alpaca Invitational, 4/2010, Ft. Wayne IN (Level IV)

OHVNA Pocahontas ~ Best of The US, 3/2010, Columbus OH (Level IV) 1st Place and Reserve Color Champion!

Kateri's Tehya ~ MOPACA, 3/2010, Spin Off

Sancha's White Lightning ~ 2 oz. Spin-off AOBA National Show, 2/2010, Ft. Wayne IN


Kateri's Tehya ~ MIAF, 9/2009, Flint MI (Level III)

Victoria's Shelby ~ MIAF, 9/2009, Flint MI (Level III)

Alpacas who won a 1st place ribbon before coming to our farm:

2005 MOPACA (Halter) Kateri

2005 MIAF (Halter) Miss Kitty

1999 MBS (Halter) GF Raphaella's Sancha

Show abbreviations and links:
Best of the US(Midwest)
GMAF = Great Midwest Alpaca Festival
MBS = Michigan Breeders Show
MIAF = Michigan International Alpacafest
OABA Alpacafest


Ertman-Trowbridge Family said...

Very, very impressive! Wow!

But I will miss Rose a lot.

Oak Haven Alpacas said...

Valerie - I will miss Rose too. She's so sweet!! Unfortunately she's also one of the most marketable alpacas (she's friendly, cute and grey - that's the package people want). It's always the best ones on the farm that make good auction animals. We are putting our best two girls in this auction.

(A few years back we put our beloved Shelby in an auction. She was incredible! She sold, of course. When we love them, so do others. We opted to keep Tehya, who was born the same time as Shelby because we wanted to hang onto at least one of the incredible female cria.)


Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

I love the grey ones too.

You have some lovely photo's

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