Friday, September 2, 2011

New Project Decisions

For alpaca show season, I have my famous "Tucker Sweater" which is a short sleeve sweater I knit out of fiber from our herdsire Tucker. Here is Tucker (and J) with his ribbon in 2009:

I spun his fiber into yarn and knit this sweater myself (me in the Tucker Sweater and Tucker himself):

There are more pictures of the sweater here.

Typically alpaca shows span two days, so I have this great Tucker Sweater to wear the one day, but nothing special for the other day. I decided I need to make something out of Greyt, our other herdsire.

Greyt is a beautiful Dark Rose Grey male. The rose gray color looks like a deep brown from a distance, but up close the gray shows through as a twinkle and spark contrasting the brown color. This is Greyt (sorry the pictures are so small, see Greyt's Alpaca Nation page for bigger pictures).

I can't decide if I should make a fancy scarf:

or a shaw:

or a vest?

I love the idea of a vest. I'm not really a shaw kind of person and I'm not sure a scarf would be practical during spring show season. But I couldn't find a vest pattern I like. While searching I was impressed with the number of UGLY vests out there. Wow!

I came across this vest on another blog and I fell in love with it. What do you think?

I was able to find the pattern on Ravelry. Unfortunately it's not one of the free patterns. I looked to see if it was at my local library, which it is not. So now the debate if I should buy this book, or find another pattern I like almost as well.


Ashley the Handknit Bandit said...

I would go with the vest or the shawl. The shawl has such great texture, but I'm not sure if it will show up with your gals dark colors. The vest also has great lace detail, and will definitely look good in a darker color. Making the vest also means you wont have any little tassels for alpaca to accidentally eat.

Whatever you pick it is sure to be gorgeous.

Diane said...


Is it possible to purchase a pattern for the shawl or scarf? They are beautiful!



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