Wednesday, August 31, 2011


There is a hierarchy within the herd, a matriarch. Our herd leader is Victoria:

If she squeals, she gets whatever she wants. For example at grain time, if she squeals, another alpaca will leave their bowl of grain and let her have it. Victoria also has a tendency to put on weight, so we feed her separate with the other heavier girls. We figure if Victoria gets all their grain, no harm done. The skinner girls would have no chance if fed by her. Victoria does this with hay too, she'll squeal and others will back away from the bucket. Not that being the leader is easy. Every so often another girl will challenge her and a spit fight or even a neck wrestle will ensue. The ones most likely to challenge her are Miss Kitty and Snickers. So far Victoria has maintained her leadership of the herd. We laugh when a new girl comes and thinks she can take Victoria on. Victoria is a smaller alpaca (closer to 130 pounds, when average is about 160), but she's tough.

I love Victoria's wonderful reddish brown color. Her fiber has an incredible silky feel to it too. I love how woolly her face is (a trait she has passed onto her offspring). Often cria have that woolly look, but there aren't too many older girls who still have it. Victoria does.

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