Saturday, August 20, 2011

Spots rough spot

When I was outside finishing up some chores, I noticed our farm dog, a Great Pyrenees, Spot, was laying funny. I wondered if he had a belly ache or if he injured his leg. I got distracted with something (either a child yelled for me or the phone rang), so I ran inside to deal with whatever it was, and I sort of forgot about Spot (sorry Spot!!). It was maybe 15 minutes later that J asked me to come outside to help him feed some extra grain to Gabe. While out there I noticed Spot and was reminded about my concern. This time I suggested J go check him out (yes, I know, note I didn't rush over to help Spot, somehow I seem to think illness or injury is something J should attend to. And to be honest, with all the things that have happened on our farm this summer, I couldn't bare to discover another one). J walked over and was concerned that Spot did not jump up to greet him. Then J tried to get Spot to stand up and he wouldn't! That was even more scary. Spot is a very friendly dog who usually walks over to greet us and won't leave our side as long as we are in the pasture. J picked Spot up (this is a 125 pound dog here), and from my angle all I could see where 3 legs, what was going on!?!? J then discovered that Spot's collar had been a bit loose and somehow one of Spots front legs was stuck in his collar! What are the chances of that happening?!

Thankfully Spot was fine. He hadn't been in that predicament very long (I had fed him maybe 1/2 an hour ago and he could walk fine then). Once his leg was freed and his collar adjusted to the right size, he ran over to give us all a happy greeting.


This all happened so fast I did not get a picture of Spot in his rough spot with his collar. But since no post is really complete without a picture, here is a picture of Spot from the winter:


Linda said...

I'm just guessing this isn't a recent picture. What with the snow and all.

Oak Haven Alpacas said...

Yeah it's not real recent is it :) Makes you long of winter LOL

I need to get a more recent one to add.


Kathryn Ray said...

Oh, I'm glad Spot is ok.

You probably had a good laugh once you realized what had happened.

Oak Haven Alpacas said...

We did have a good laugh once we knew all was ok. But it was a bit scary in that he could have done this on a day we were gone much of the day. How horrible for him to lay like that all day. Thankfully it was a day we were home and we noticed fairly quickly.


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