Monday, August 29, 2011

More organized than I thought

Sometimes I surprise myself and do neat things that I forget about. I knew at one point I had weighed out and put together zip lock bags of alpaca fiber. I remember doing this, but some where along the way I forgot about it. I think I assumed all of these had been sold.

While organizing my fiber room the other day, I came across several boxes filled with neat and organized 4 ounce bags of alpaca fiber:

They are weighed out with 4 ounces of fiber in each bag. The bags are labled with the alpaca's name, year of shearing, and price. So organized!

I was most excited to find several bags of Shelby's fiber. Shelby is an incredible girl who was born on our farm in 2008. She was our favorite by far (a breeding between our favorite dam Victoria bred to the famous Goldsmith). Shelby was sold at action in the spring of 2010, so we only ever had one shearing off of her in 2009. I know I spun up some of her fiber, and I also knew I had sold some bags at fiber festivals. I thought it was all gone. This past weekend I found six more bags of her fiber! That's 1.5 pounds of Shelby's fiber! I was so excited to get my hands on it. While I put some for sale on our farm's ETSY page, I am also keeping some for myself. Shelby is so soft and bright and smooth, a dream to spin.

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