Thursday, August 18, 2011

MPAF Jewel

I don't know that I've mentioned much about Jewel on this blog. Several months ago we made some changes on our farm with some animals coming and some going in an effort to mix up the genetic background of our herd. Jewel came to us from Ohio, and has an entirely different set of ancestors than we have represented on our farm. Some of her ancestors include 4Peruvian Chaval, 4Peruvian Misti, and 5Peruvian Quicksilver.

For those not familiar with alpacas, each alpaca can be registered. They receive an ARI certificate that states their official name, the farm they belong to, and their ancestry. (Along with other information like their registered color and date of birth).

Jewel is full Peruvian (which means all of her ancestors came from Peru). While we do not specialize in full Peruvian alpacas (we enjoy lineage from all countries), we do try to breed our full Peruvian girls to full Peruvian males so that we are able to offer full Peruvian lineage to farms that prefer that. We also find it interesting to see how our full Peruvian alpacas compare to the ones that aren't full Peruvian. I know there are people who swear full Peruvian is best, but in our experience those aren't the ones who have done that best in the show ring for our farm.

Jewel is a Dark Fawn girl. Her dam is white and her sire is bay black. This means she had to receive a fawn color from her dam and a black from her sire (or bay black). With her black secondary color, she could produce any color offspring (depending on what male she is bred to).

Jewel is now 5 years old and has never been bred. Well, we've bred her since she's been at our farm. We decided to breed her to our own Tucker, in hopes of producing a rose grey. The grey offspring can be tricky though. We know we also have a good chance of getting a fawn or a black cria. I haven't made it a secret that I LOVE the black alpacas so that would be great with me too!

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