Thursday, August 25, 2011

Updated Our Alpaca's Family Trees

There is a link on the left column of this blog to Our Alpaca's Family Trees. I created this awhile back so that I can keep track of each family tree, and so that others of you can see which animals are related and how. I updated this is show this years cria. We had 1 girl we didn't breed due to a later fall birth (Latte), we had 2 girls who absorbed their pregnancies and were then open this spring (Maddie and Snickers), we had a retained CL (Kateri), we had a newborn death (Victoria's little guy), and we had a 2 month old die from a bowel obstruction (Tehya's cria Cheyenne). This leaves us with one healthy cria - Our Peruvian Dark Thunder (from Sancha).

Here is the updated page:

In an effort to organize our farm animals, I put together these family trees, growing from each of our breeding females. I listed the dams in order of when they came to our farm, then their offspring under them. I added their birth year behind their names, and their color (abbreviated - see key at the bottom of the page).

I did consider adding the cria these dams had before they came to our farm, but I haven't done that yet.

Kateri (2004 LB):

+ bred to NWA, LTD Accoyo's Goldsmith (1999 MF) for:
Kateri’s Tehya (2008 LF)

- bred to SHVN The Buccaneer (2006 TB) for:
OHVNA Pocahontas (2009 DRG/ID):

+ bred to Express's Accoyo Adonis (2006 W) for:
OHVNA Chaska (2010 B):

+ Retained CL (2011)

Hana’s Victoria (2004 DB)

- bred to NWA, LTD Accoyo's Goldsmith (1999 MF) for:
Victoria’s Shelby (2008 MB)

+ bred to Peruvian Twister (2004 LF) for:
OHVNA The Cavalier (2009 LF)

+ bred to ARF Our Peruvian Tucker (2006 CLSG) for:
OHVNA The Challenger (2010 CDRG)

+ bred to My Peruvian Georgio (2006 LF) for: Little Guy (2011 DB; born and died July 2011)

GF Raphaella’s Sancha (1998 W):

- bred to RO Centurion Magic (MF) for:
Sommerfield (2007 B)

- bred to Aztec's Peruvian Avatar (2002 W) for:
Sancha’s White Lightning (2008 W)

- bred to 2002 Peruvian Lord Stanley (2002 LB) for:
Snow Lily by Lord Stanley (2009 W)

- bred to Apollo's Griffon (2006 LB) for:
Our Copper Canyon (2010 LB)

+ bred to SA Peruvian Greyt Exxpectations (2007 MMRG) for:
Our Peruvian Dark Thunder (2011 MMRG)

KSF Midnight Masquerade (2007 TB)

+ bred to NL Smokey (2003 MDSG) for:
Smokey’s Twilight (2010 DSG)

+ Open this year (2011)

Persnickety Miss (2002 DF)

+ bred to Snowmass Enlightenment (2004 CMRG) for:
Enlightenment’s Rocky Rose (2010 CMRG)

+ open (2011)

Straightfork Vanilla Latte (2006 LF)

+ bred to Straightfork Peruvian Eclipse (2006 LF) for:
Eclipse’ Ginger Ale (2010 MF)

+ Open 2011

Kateri’s Tehya (2008 LF)

+ bred to Peruvian Navigator (2005 CDRG) for:
OHVNA Cheyenne (2011 CLRG; born May 2011, died July 2011)

+ = offspring is on our farm
- = offspring is on another farm
italic = an animal we own

Color Chart:
W = white
B = beige
LF = light fawn
MF = medium fawn
DF = dark fawn
LB = light brown
MB = medium brown
DB = dark brown
BB = bay black
TB = true black
LSG = light silver grey
MSG = medium silver grey
DSG = dark silver grey
LRG = light rose grey
MRG = medium rose grey
DRG = dark rose grey
C ~ before any grey means classic grey (tuxedo grey)
M ~ before any grey means modern grey (roan grey)
IL = indefinite light
ID = indefinite dark

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