Friday, November 25, 2011

Another Way to Buy Local

I have posted a lot about how to buy from small local businesses, but that focus has been mostly on products one can buy. I've skipped over a big way one can support local alpaca farmers, and that is to buy ALPACAS!!

We love our animals and take pride in producing quality fiber producing alpacas. But, it is a business, and part of a business is sales. We have been thrilled with the sales we have made so far, and are eager to help others begin (or continue) their adventure with alpacas.

I would encourage anyone thinking about getting into alpacas to contact local alpaca farmers to take a tour of their farms. Knowledge is very important, so learn as much as you can before that first purchase. Many experienced farmers regret some of their earlier purchases because they didn't have the knowledge to make an informed choice on which alpaca to purchase. Meet as many alpaca farmers as you can. Along the way, you will make many friends, you will then have someone to call when a crisis comes up, and you will choose who you most want to purchase your alpacas from.

We love farm visits! So please, email us or give us a call to schedule a time, we'd love to show you around our farm. These visits aren't about pushing sales, so don't worry about a sales pitch. Sales happen when you find the alpaca you want, and that may be at our farm, but it may be at another farm also. You don't even have to want to buy an alpaca to come and visit. We can talk alpaca, fiber, or whatever interests you. These visits are about educating and having fun talking alpaca (which I LOVE to do). So please, give me an excuse to gab about my passion, alpacas!

We have our sales list
on AlpacaNation: Oak Haven Alpacas, LLC
and at Open Herd: Oak Haven Alpacas, LLC

Both of those websites, AlpacaNation and Open Herd, list many alpaca farms around the country, so look around to find farms local to you. Call them up and arrange a time to visit.

J keeps very informed on what alpacas are out there and has become a pro at finding whatever it is that we are looking for. If someone has a particular alpaca in mind, and we don't have that on our farm, J will find it. Alpaca farmers are a network and we work together to help each other. Whatever I have wanted, he has found and brought home for me. He is happy to use that skill to help others also.

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