Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Great Show!

We loved having the Michigan International Alpacafest in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The venue worked really well for the alpaca stall set up. We got a lot of foot traffic through the venue on both Saturday and Sunday. It was very fun meeting people interested in alpacas and having a chance to talk to them. One of my favorite things to do is to talk alpacas!

While our own animals did not have their best show, we didn't go to this show for that reason. We had a rough summer, and knew our animals weren't in ideal shape to show their best. While they are healthy and back on track now, we would have liked to have waited until spring, when they have had a few healthy months under their belt. We would not have chosen to travel for a show. But, given we finally had a show in our own area, we just had to support it. We hauled out all our boys, even ones we weren't really planning to show again. We came home with two 2nd place ribbons, and two 5th place ribbons. Certainly not our best show, but not our worst either.

While we loved having a show so close to our own farm, we did discover the down side is that I didn't have two evenings in a hotel room with wi-fi to write up nice blog posts about our show days. Coming home each night, we had barn chores and regular family activities to attend to.

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