Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fiber ~ two batches

After skirting the fiber, I then weigh out a bunch of fiber, usually two bags of 6 ounces each. I make 2 batches because when I make it into yarn, I like to have two strands plyed in my yarn. And, if I do my best to have them the same weight, then I have a chance of making the two strands the same length so my yarn will match up (or at least close to matching up). I sometimes do a bit bigger skein of yarn, but more than 8 ounces per batch isn't worth it because it won't fit on my spinning wheel. I used to do mostly 4 ounce batches, but I found there was a bit of time saving in going a bit bigger in the 6 ounce batches. These two 6 ounce batches, by the time they are plyed together makes about a 10 ounce skein of yarn (by the time everything else is done it does lose some weight).

Here are two batches, weighed and set aside:

Next step ~ tumbling the fiber. This I will talk about in my next blog post.

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