Friday, December 23, 2011

Huge Milestone

Back when we were thinking about starting an alpaca farm, we were most curious how farms got started. I mean, it takes a lot of $$ to begin this adventure. Of course, as many farms as we asked this question to, we got that many different responses. Based on these ideas, we developed our own plan.

Our plan was to use what cash we had on hand on our facility and supplies. The facility meant a barn, fence, fence post, and grass (which we have to plant, water and grow). The supplies included hay buckets, water buckets, hoses, grain bowls, grain, hay, and of course all the medical supplies. As you can see that all quickly adds up.

To purchase the alpacas, we first picked which alpacas we wanted to purchase. This meant visiting many farms, going to alpaca shows, and deciding what sort of alpaca we wanted. There can be a big difference in regards to buying a fiber alpaca vs buying an alpaca who will do well in the show. We chose to buy the most expensive females we could, ones proven in the show ring. We knew we wanted to show our alpacas, and wanted breeding females who could give us that show star. We made sure they came with breed backs, so at least the first few years we wouldn't have to worry about having a male.

To pay for the alpacas, we gave the selling farm a down payment, then financed them through the selling farm. This meant paying that selling farm a monthly payment, as arranged in a signed contract.

We originally purchased two bred females who came with a gelded male. This sale we paid off early and actually have had paid off for some time now. We purchased a second group of alpacas, in December of 2007. This package we agreed to a long term payment plan in order to keep the monthly payments low. This contact has just been completed this month ~ which means we now completely own all the alpacas in our back yard!!

It's funny how when beginning alpaca farmers get together, it is often the topic of conversation if you have your initial investment paid off. I am so excited to be able to say "YES!!!"

Now we start a new phase on our farm, where we completely own all the animals and anything is possible.

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