Saturday, December 24, 2011


While I'm not the biggest fan of winter, it's actually the cold I don't like. I love snow!!

This morning we woke up to only about an inch of snow, but being that we haven't had any accumulation up to this point, it was a welcome surprise. Typically by this time of year we've had several inches of snow (in addition to lots of shoveling and even missed days of school).

For this mornings chores, I was greeted with this outside:

Our youngest alpaca, Dutch, eating hay (the snowless spots around the hay bin are where the alpacas laid overnight):

One of my favorite alpacas, Challenger, in the snow:

And this is my baby, Zack, going sledding with the alpacas:

What you can't see is that around the corner there is a nice sledding hill. The alpacas don't mind when we sled back there. But I will never forget the time Zack talked me into getting into the sled with him, we started down the hill, and next thing we know Spot jumped into the sled with us!!! That was the most interesting sled ride I've ever had.

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