Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Not to be overshadowed

In addition to purchasing Lady Bing, we also purchased a juvi male. This boy's mom we believe is a harlequin grey: YO Peruvian Ginger Snaps. While her blanket is brown, her face and legs show grey and spots, a sure sign of a harlequin. Her sire is 5Peruvian Silverado, a famous silver grey (so there is clearly grey in her lineage). This boy's sire is PCA Accoyo Shangri-La. This means his genetics include a lot of accoyo and grey!

We looked up the meaning to Shangri-La: an earthly paradise. Another name for Shangri-La is Shamballa. This led us to name this little guy: ATA Peruvian Shamballa.

Doesn't he look macho?

If you are wondering why these names begin with ATA (when our farm is OHVNA) this is because when you buy an alpaca that is already born, but not officially registered, most selling farms allow you to name the alpaca, but ask that you use their farm identifier. We have done this with several alpacas we purchased this past year, we picked the name but used the selling farm's identifier. When you buy an alpaca already named and registered, you take them with the name they come with (though what you call them at the farm is up to you). When the alpaca is born on your farm, you get to name them and use your own farm identifier.

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