Saturday, August 18, 2012

Birth Day

It seems those days you sit around waiting for a birth you just know is going to happen, well, it doesn't happen then. It's the days you are off to go do something and hey it's a baby!

Today we were all set to go get hay.  There are 190 bales just a few miles away waiting for us to pick up, bring home, and stack for the fall.  Just as J got the trailer hooked up, I peeked out back to check on the ladies before we left and there was a cria's head and two legs sticking out of Bay's back side!!

Bay wasn't due until 9/1/2012 but keep in mind we set those dates on 350 days gestation, birth can happen as early as 335 days and be full term.  In fact there are times a cria is born before 335 days and is fully cooked.  At the same time, there are some at day 350+ that are born and have some prematurity.  They cook at different rates.  So while it feels "early" for this birth, it wasn't.  And the cria was fully cooked: eyes bright, alert, ears erect, and teeth erupted.

This is a cria from our dam, Butterscotch Bay, bred to a male from Ashton Stone Alpacas, Incan Alchemy:

She was sitting up, and trying to nurse in no time at all:

She actually did have to stand before really nursing, but she got that very quick:


Linda said...

Congrats! such a cutie too. is this the last?

oak haven alpacas said...

Linda ~ we have two more due yet this summer. Lots of babies :)


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