Friday, August 24, 2012


We took a break from breedings because we were worried how very hot it was during the month of July 2012.  In thinking back, it seems the last few years July has been the hottest month for us (even though as a kid I always remember August being the worst, I think July has taken over).  For this reason we've decided not to breed for July births (of course cria can come early or really late and end up being born in July, we still want to do our part not to make that their typical due date).  We did some breedings back in May/June, and with an 11.5 months gestation, they will be due in June.  Now we are starting breeding again. These girls would end up being due in early August 2013.

Here is one mating I caught:

Notice Victoria cushed by the fence line.  Her cria, Diablo, isn't even that old, we wouldn't look to breed her yet, but she sure acts ready (a female ready to breed will often cush for the male).  This is actually a breeding of Tehya by Vamil.

Once we get everyone bred I will put up a post about who is bred to who.

I also want to get a post up with all our 2012 cria.  But we still have one yet to be born, Miss Kitty has not delivered yet.

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