Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sentimental Goodbyes - Victoria

On Saturday we said goodbye to our Matriarch.   Since we started our farm in 2007 our leader has been our first alpaca, Hana's Victoria.

She arrived (link to the story about her arrival) on our farm in November 2007.   Victoria is in the middle, Snowstorm on the left and Kateri on the right:

Just the beginning of our alpaca adventure!

In July of 2008, Victoria gave birth to Victoria's Shelby (birth story here, pictures here):

In July of 2009, Victoria gave us OHVNA The Cavalier (birth story here, pictures here):

Then in July 2010 she gave birth to OHVNA The Challenger.  Challenger was our dream boy:

While clearly a tux grey in that picture above (taken when was a 8 months old), it was harder to see at his birth (picture below) (birth story here):

2011 was rough year for Victoria (and our farm) when at less than two days old her cria passed. Birth story here. Passing story here.  There was something wrong with the placenta causing him too many difficulties.

 RIP little guy:

And this year the arrival of OHVNA El Diablo:

His birth story here.

Both Victoria and her son, El Diablo, left on Saturday morning for their new farm:

I have to say that while Victoria was the matriarch and I'm sure some of the other girls got tired of her bossy ways, I will miss Victoria.  She was always good for snatching up grain and stealing hay from anyone she could, even babies :)  You just knew it was going to happen.  She is one who will run and run and run from you during herd health, but once you get a hold of her, she will stand pretty good for the actual treatment (nail clipping or what have you).  She has the most woolly face, even more impressive since she's 8 years old!  Most alpacas lose their facial coverage as they age.  Just about everyone who visits our farm comments on her cute look.  All of her offspring have had good facial coverage too.

I expect a big shake up of our herd over the next couple of weeks, because their leader is gone.  Each one of these girls as they arrived were shown that Victoria is the leader.  Some fought her (like Miss Kitty) and some just accepted it (like Maddie, she was after all only a few months old when she arrived).  A new leader will emerge, because that's how herds work.   And Victoria will be at another farm, shaking things up there.  I hope they enjoy their adventures with her as much as we have!

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