Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Alpacas are here!

This afternoon Linda arrived with the alpacas, Kateri, Victoria and Snowstorm. It worked out great as J had just finished getting all the leaves out of one of the pastures so it was all set for the alpacas. I spent the last three days raking leaves (a chore I hate but did for the sake of getting the leaves out of the alpacas way). The alpacas loved the grass and immediately started eating.

Linda showed J how to trim the toe nails on Snowstorm. He will do Kateri and Victoria's toe nails on another day (after they have settled in more as they are pregnant and we don't want to put too much stress on them).

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of their arrival because my digital camera is not working. We also are trying not to put too much stress on the girls so we are keeping things low key. Pregnant females when under stress can reabsorb a pregnancy which we do not want to happen. We would get another breeding but being winter we do not want a cria born in the winter, so we would have to decide if we should hold off until spring which postpones having a cria significantly.

Kateri is due July 19th
Victoria is due July 14th

July will be baby cria fever!

I am very excited that Linda brought the fleece from all three animals for me! I was thinking I would have to wait until the sheering in the spring before I would get any. Now to look into a mill to send it to so I can have some yarn.

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