Monday, November 19, 2007

The second nights feeding

On the second night (Sunday night) I went to the barn by myself so there were no kids moving around to distract the alpacas. When I got to the barn, the alpacas were already inside. Seems they have adjusted to it. I gave Tiger (the kitten) some wet cat food (since she's a runt she seems to need more) so she was out of the way eating that. Fluffy was mad I did not give her any so she was running around the barn pestering everyone, but the alpacas did not seem to notice her. (After Tiger was done eating I did let Fluffy finish up what Tiger did not eat).

The alpacas appeared to think it was food time and had their eyes glued on me. They came up to the gate that separates them from where the food is (and where I was). I measured out food for 1 female and walked into the pen and poured it into the pipe. Victoria started eating it and then Kateri joined in. I was happy seemed to be working just right. Then I went and measured out food for Snowstorm. But when I brought his food into the pen Victoria came after that food and Snowstorm refused to come over by it. I spent the rest of the time trying to get them to eat where I wanted them too, trying to cox them to where I had put their food. In the end the girls ate out of the scoop and Snowstorm would only eat if I dumped the food on the ground. He is stubborn!

While it was not quite what a wanted it is progress from the night before. The biggest plus being they were in the barn, and they let me walk all over the pen while they were in there too.

Next we will try pouring the grain into bowls and putting the bowls by the pipe trough. Eventually we will get something to work.

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