Saturday, November 24, 2007

Cold! 20* overnight

It has been very cold overnight, temps in the 20's. I went to feed the alpacas yesterday morning to find them happy, but frost on their fleece. We had several days of misty rain weather. That combined with them rolling in the dirt created some damp fleece, that then froze. They looked like they had frosted tips. Cute beauty technique.

The alpacas definately are warming up to us. They come into the barn when we arrive, knowing we will be feeding them. They now go to their own feed, so feeding time works out well. When I leave after feeding and cleaning up the pasture, they follow me along the fence.

The cats seem to be doing ok in the cold too. They have really long fur and they stay in the barn by the hay when it's really cold. Their water did freeze overnight but Fluffy figured out how to walk on the wood part of the divider in the barn to reach the alpaca's water (it is heated to prevent freezing). I do not think Tiger has figured this out, so we bring fresh water every morning to make sure she has plenty of water. Poor Tiger. Tiger remains small and do not appear to eat much. We bought wet cat food for her, hoping to get her to eat more. We give it to her and she just looks at it. Initially we keep Fluffy away so Tiger can eat, but she doesn't. Fluffy ends up eating it. Tiger must be eating some of the dry food (we keep that bowl full all the time), because she is going to the bathroom. Fluffy is very active, running all over, chasing leaves and climbing trees. Tiger is calm, mostly sitting by our feet while we are there.

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