Thursday, November 22, 2007

First time in the barn

I forgot to tell the story of how the alpacas came into the barn after being in the pasture (we did herd them into the barn when Linda dropped them off, but after that they did not want to come into the barn). The alpacas seemed scared of the barn and wouldn't come in.

On Sunday, J and I were in the barn trying to get the alpacas food sorted out. Emma and Zack were out in the pasture with the alpacas. The kids got into a fight and Zack started bawling, then ran into the barn to us. The alpacas followed him. Seems alpacas either felt bad for Zack, or are that nosey.

They are curious animals. Yesterday (Wednesday) I was picking up leaves in the west pasture. They had been using the east pasture, but I said "you can come with me". They ran out there before I could get through the gate! The grass must be greener on the other side ;) They ate grass, ran around, and rolled in some dirt, while following me around the pasture. They would come up to me, but not close enough for me to touch them. If I looked at them, they would back off. I have read that alpacas know how far your arms/hands can reach and will stay just out of that distance. I witnessed this to be very true!

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