Tuesday, November 20, 2007


J did the morning feeding on Monday and got the girls to eat out of the pipe trough. Snowstorm wouldn't but J left some grain on the ground that did get eaten. Snowstorm is proving to be very stubborn (which isn't a big deal, we have a stubborn dog, a stubborn child and J and I have been know to be a bit stubborn too). Snowstorm will fit right in with us!

The kids and I fed them in the evening and the girls ate out of the trough with no problem. I bought a bowl that we could put on the ground for Snowstorm. No sense fighting with him over it. The alpacas either really like their food or are getting use to us because they stayed in the barn, in the pen, even with me and the kids in there pouring grain (Emma poured for the girls, Zack brought Snowstorm his bowl).

The cats remain in the barn so they must be getting along fine with the alpacas. I will need to start brushing the cats though, their fur is so long, I worry it will mat if it is not brushed. We will see how they like that.

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