Friday, September 7, 2012

Fiber Shots

We have been working on getting some good pictures of our alpaca's fiber.  We've found scanning them works best, but only recently learned about putting them on a contrasting black and white background.

Here is Enlightenment's Rocky Rose (a two year old light rose grey female):

Here is Our Peruvian Thunder (a one year old dark rose grey / indefinite dark)

Here is Rainbow Mountain Dutchess (AKA Princess) (a one year old dark brown female):

One of our newer additions, Andes' Silverstone (AKA Stoney):

and WP Verticase's Vamil (he's a two year old white male)

There are a lot of things that fiber enthusiast look at when examining fiber.  As a spinner, I want to know how it feels, the handle of the fleece.  But there are other things that go into fiber that you can see: such as color (is there contamination of other colors, such as black fiber in a white fleece), micron (how wide the fibers are) and uniformity.  Uniformity is not only in regards to micron, but also uniformity in crimp and fleece structure.  It's all way too big of a topic for one blog post :)  But I did want to show off our beautiful fiber shots.


Zenitude said... interesting. I'll have to remember that.

oak haven alpacas said...

yes, scanning the shorn fiber gives you a really good picture so you can best show off the fiber. I didn't come up with the idea, I wish I could take credit :) I forget where I read that was the best way to do it.


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