Monday, September 10, 2012

The hoarding

I admitted in my last post about my fiber hoarding problem.   Well, I do have to say that I have done something towards this issue.   A few weeks ago I took my favorite fleeces from our 2012 shearing, I skirted them, and I put them into weighed out bags:

They are for sale on our farm's etsy page.  Having them weighed out make sales easier, but it also helps me be able to grab and spin when I want to :)

Right here I am showing my favorite girl's fiber from Tehya, Twilight and Rose.

Remember those fiber shots from a few days ago?  Yep, that's what it these bags.

I only got through 5 of our fleeces, and started with my favorites (they are my favorite because of their color).  These come from from our boy's Gabriel and Challenger:

I don't think I put up their fiber pictures the other day so here they are:

Our true black Color Champion, Gabe (it was hard to get his black fiber to scan well):

And a multiple ribbon winner, Challenger (but he's not actually ours anymore, he's been sold, this is his 2011 fleece):

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