Sunday, September 2, 2012

The last cria

Our last cria due in 2012 was born early Saturday morning.

It was back on Thursday evening that I said something was different about Miss Kitty and I would not be one bit surprised if she had that baby on Friday.  Friday came and no cria was born.  That evening Miss Kitty seemed so ready to deliver we wondered about a possible night birth (while rare, they do happen and though sometimes it means something is wrong, that's not always the case).  I was up early Saturday morning and peeked out at our girls. Miss Kitty was sitting there cushed like she always is.  I wondered if she'd ever have that baby!  I got busy doing some other work on the computer when J came rushing into the living room stating that there was a baby on the ground!  In that time Miss Kitty had delivered!

We welcomed our first cria from Miss Kitty, a beige male we have name Buffalo Bill.

Here he is at one day old:


Linda said...

Nice! Is Miss Kitty's theme characters from the wild west?

oak haven alpacas said...

Yep you guess it Linda. Miss Kitty came to our farm last year from another farm (she is a bit older, already had some cria at their farm), but given her name we had to go with "old west" for her theme. The kids picked Buffalo Bill :) I think his nick name should be BB but they say Bill.


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