Sunday, September 16, 2012

Goodbye Dutch and Harley

This weekend we said goodbye to Dutch and Harley.   (Remember I posted a few weeks ago about a bunch of changes going on at our farm, here is another part of that story).

Harley is a 3 year old white male.  We obtained him early in 2011 (story here) in hopes of using him for breedings last year.  Unfortunately he wasn't quite ready, which is understandable given he was just 2 years old.  This year we were able to use him for breeding and were quite excited to do so.  We purposely obtained him because of his fiber:

I love the bright shining bundles of fiber!  What you can't see in this picture is how his fiber feels.  It has an excellent handle.

But then this year we had the opportunity to obtain WP Verticase's Vamil, and TCS Gabriel.  Vamil is white and Gabriel is beige.  These boys had additional fiber attributes that we love.  We found it difficult to balance using all three of these light boys.  So we decided for best use of males we would let Harley go.

Dutch (her formal name is JLFA Frango's Dutch Harbor) came to our farm in September of 2011 as a cria at her dam's side (story here).  We have her mom (Butterscotch Bay), and her younger half sister (one of our newer cria, Cornelia Marie).  While it's great they are all female, we like to have more diversity of genetics on our farm.

Dutch is now a yearling and this is how her fleece is growing in: 

She is growing into a beautiful lady:

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Dawn Friske said...

It's always sad to say goodbye to family. They both have beautiful fiber and I'm glad that those good genes will be passed around. :)

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