Sunday, September 9, 2012


When I read fiber artists blogs and browse Ravelry, I sometimes feel out of place.  Yeah I'm a fiber artist: I prepare and spin fiber into yarn, I knit, I have crocheted (though that has been awhile) and I have made many hand made fiber products.  Where I sometimes feel like I don't fit in is that I don't have a stash of yarn.

Here is my stash of yarn:

That's not really a stash.  I've read about storage containers and closets and rooms full of yarn.  My 4 skeins and a few left over skeins isn't really that big of a stash.

I don't have several WIPs (works in progress) sitting around.  This is all the knitting I have going on:

It's an ear flap hat, almost done.

I have no other yarn around my house.  That's it.

I tend to work on one thing, get it done, then move onto the next thing.  And all my yarn is my own creation, so I don't have purchased yarn that sits waiting for inspiration.  But since I do the entire process, I tend to spin what I need to knit, then knit, then start over with a new project to spin.

What I do have is a stash of fiber.... hmm stash might not even be the word.  My kids would say I have a fiber hoarding problem:

Yeah.  I know.  You caught me!   There are bags and containers and boxes and a good chunk of my fiber room.

Since I am almost done with the ear flap hat, it's time for something new.   And I am pretty excited about it!  I spent the weekend spinning the yarn.  I plan to knit it while waiting for the kids at school pick up!  I'm pretty excited about this idea.  Of course, more on that another day :)


WonderWhyGal said...

I have two tubs of non-wonderwhyalpacafarm yarn that I covet for future projects. One tub is sock yarn that will take me the rest of my life to knit.

Of course, my fiber is no longer in's already being turned into yarn and roving.

Here's hoping you get more knitting time.

Linda said...

I'm glad you at least have a fiber stash.

oak haven alpacas said...

Andrea ~ I'm not that quick with getting it turned into rovings. Since I do it all myself it's a slower paced process. I was really proud of the fact I skirted and weighed out all of our nicest fleeces from this year (2012) so that it's ready for sale (or my use).

I do want to learn more about noodling fiber, I think that would help me speed up my process a bit.

oak haven alpacas said...

I know Linda, without the fiber stash I might not be able to call myself a fiber artist :)


Zenitude said...

LOL, here I thought you were such a reasonable person to have on hand only what you were able to knit! That fiber stash compares to many of those closets and bins full of yarn!
See, you fit in very well after all.

Kathryn Ray said...

Aha, the truth comes out. ;-)

I didn't have much of a yarn stash for quite a long time, then a few trips to a LYS and now I have a few tubs of yarn and roving.

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