Friday, August 2, 2013

An Incredible Dark Silver Grey! For Sale!!!

OHVNA Smokey's Twilight (link to sale's page):

Here she is in full fleece, spring 2013:

Twilight is the first offspring of our female Midnight Masquerade. Twilight is nearly a carbon copy of her dam, with better fiber characteristics. Twilight has the typey short muzzle with great fiber coverage. Her fiber is so bright, with a bold crimp style and good density. She has excellent confirmation and bite.

Twilight is one you have to open up her fiber to appreciate her beauty. We often found when we had her at a show that people would think she was cute but they were really impressed when they took a look at her fiber. It is so bright and shiny! Not to mention all the crimp and bundles.

Twilight has had an incredible show career. She won 3 firsts and 1 third place ribbons. In the mixed combined class (multi, pattern, and indefinites) at GMAF in Madison, she beat a white with a brown spot. The judge made a point that she was finer than the white, which is very unusual for an alpaca with such a dark color. We are very proud of our little girl.


- Best of the US, 3/2011, Colubus OH (Babs Manion) Level IV, Indefinite Dark class
- GMAF, 5/2011, Madison WI (Dawn Brooker) Level IV, Mixed Combined class (beat a white with a brown spot)
- MBS, 5/2011, Davisburg MI (Helen Humphreys) Level II, Silver Grey class
- Indiana Invitational, 4/2011, Ft. Wayne IN (David Barboza) Level IV, Silver Grey class (Darkest Grey in group)
- Best of the US, 2012, Silver Grey Yearling
- Great Midwest Alpaca Fest, 2012, Grey Yearling
- Buckeye, 2012, Silver Grey Yearling

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