Saturday, August 10, 2013

So many changes

Lots of things are changing on our farm and I am updating this blog as fast as I can to keep up with the changes.  You will notice links and names and features changing.

But I want to assure you we are still a farm and will continue to be.

I will still be writing this blog.  Just that the content will change as our farm changes.

I encourage and ask that you stay with us, this is truly an adventure of a lifetime!

I changed our farm write up to say this:

Our farming adventure began with the purchase of 3 alpacas in the fall of 2007.  This eventually grew to an alpaca farm that birthed 23 cria.  While we averaged 20 alpacas on a farm at any given time, we hit a peek of over 30 alpacas.  We were involved in every aspect of alpaca farming: from breeding decisions, birthing, to attending alpaca shows, and shearing our own alpacas along with making product from their luscious fiber (hand spinning yarn and knitting product).  We participated in 24 alpaca shows, and became very involved in the alpaca community.

In 2013 we added hair sheep to our farm. 

Throughout this process we continued to tweak and revise our business plan.  Our business plan evolved over time, and in 2013 it became clear that our goal was to raise grass fed animals for human consumption.  While the initial plan was for this to go along side of alpaca farming, we slowly came to the conclusion our adventure was going to take us somewhere else.

In 2013 we began to sell off our alpaca herd to begin our new adventure with grass fed sheep and cattle. 

Our adventure is still unfolding, so please, join us in our adventure of a lifetime as our journey unfolds.

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Kathryn Ray said...

Wow! Congratulations. :-)

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