Friday, August 16, 2013


For those who don't know I had surgery on Wednesday.  I had to have a hysterectomy which requires a six week recovery period. As any mom knows and more so any farmer, there is never a good time to be laid up for six weeks. I can't pick up, lift, pull, push anything more than 10 pounds. It all worked out that most of our alpacas have sold. The 5 remaining ones I can now see from my bed (and watch my kids do their chores - its very cute). We also have the 8 sheep (5 ewes, 1 ram & 2 lambs).  And 2 farm cats. My kids have it all under control.  And they bring me meals!  I am blessed. 

The farm is doing fine with me laid up in bed (day 3 now).  My kids are doing good too :). My head is spinning and so is my tummy - not in a good way. It is just afternoon here and I have taken more naps than not naps so far.

Before surgery I did a lot of yarn spinning. I am hoping in the next couple of weeks I will be up to knitting:

I had 1 strand extra of the brown:

So I plyed the white & had some extra:


zenitude said...

Wishing you a speady recovery.

Kathryn Ray said...

Try to enjoy your "time off". It's not often that farmers or moms get time off. ;-)

Seriously tho, I hope you recover quickly.

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