Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Sale (AKA farm visit)

As I mention in a previous post our farm is going through a huge transition and part of that includes changing our business plan.  Our new plan does not include alpacas, so we are in the process of selling off our alpaca herd.

When we made this decision we had 21 alpacas.

We gave former owners of these alpacas first right to buy them back.  2 alpacas (Cherry and Patty) were instantly taken back.

A male was also spoken for.

Gigi was sold.

This put us down to 17 alpacas.

We have had multiple inquiries into our beauty, Rose and her 2013 cria, Violet:

So that leaves us 15 alpacas:

Gabriel Star
TCS Gabriel
Greyt Exxpectations
Take Five (AKA Candy)
Lady Bing
Duchess (AKA Princess)
Cocoa with 2013 cria Irish Cream

I have never made this blog a sales venue but due to the need to find good homes for these animals I am going to do a sales blitz over the next few days.  I apologize to my readers who live vicariously through me and can't buy these animals.  I never meant for this blog to sound like a sales call.

At the same time, it's a great time to see each of our alpacas, learn their names and faces, it will be as if you are here for a nice farm visit :)

My blog will continue as it has been.  I am working hard on fiber arts.  We still and will continue to have a farm. I am not going anywhere :)  This blog will remain because I have lots of fiber arts and alpaca stories yet to tell; plus, new farm stories in the making.

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