Friday, August 23, 2013

No more yarn

So I found the pattern in this book:

This pattern:

I think part of me was hoping the baby came with it :)   Just to hold, not keep.  Snuggling a baby is the best :)  (though right now no baby over 10 pounds, I can't lift more than 10 pounds).

I started with the back: 

It is an easy knit (k2p2 pattern) and if I wasn't only a few days post surgery, I would have done more that first day.  

The second day:

With the back done I was ready to start on the front.

There are 2 front panels.  I have found it best to knit these at the same time, then I know for sure there are the same number of rows on each panel:

Then I ran out of yarn :(

That little bit of yarn is what I have left:

Yeah, that's not enough to finish the neckline and make 2 sleeves.

I realized this pretty early on in my project, that there wouldn't be enough yarn, but thought I'd just knit until I couldn't.

Then, I can make more yarn!! 

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