Saturday, January 5, 2008

Alpaca Trailer

Although we have been looking into an alpaca trailer, we hadn't made any decisions. It's become more of an immediate need as we are to pick up Sancha and Sommerfield next weekend. Plus, we plan to go to shows this spring and will need it then for sure.

We have gone back and forth between the benefits of a horse trailer vs a cargo trailer (you can add vents/windows to it). We went looking on Friday but I was not ready to make a decision. Today we purchased a cargo trailer. In the end the cost of a used horse trailer was about the same as a new cargo trailer. The used horse trailers had some rust, worn tires and some of them had stalls built inside that we would have to dismantle. We were not able to find a use cargo trailer so that was not an option (though that would have been the best one).

We bought a black 6x12 cargo trailer. The black trailer looks great with our black truck. Now we are in business!

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