Tuesday, January 8, 2008


This spring we want to participate in some alpaca shows. Maddie is really too young (she could make the cut off for some shows but we feel it would be better if she was a bit older so we will hold off on showing her until fall). Remington has only been shown once despite being 2 years old. And at that showing he was in the wrong color class. We really need some more shows under his belt. And there is Sommerfield who will be 1 in April, who has yet to be shown. We are curious how she will do in shows (given her white color and the fact white is such a difficutl category). Plus she is for sale and I'm sure buyers want to know how well she does too. But that leaves us with the problem of transporting and showing an almost 1 year old female and a 2.5 yeard old male. They cannot be kept together.

We have debated back and forth on what to do. We would like to show at the Indiana Invitational in March so we need to make a decision and sign up. J emailed the show organizer and they said they could give us an extra divider for our stall so we would only need 1 stall and could have both in there. J is going to work on making a divider for our trailer so that we can transport both of them. Looks like we are going to a show!

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