Saturday, January 12, 2008

They are here!

Today we drove to Autumn Alpacas to pick up Sancha, Sommerfield and Maddie. Originally we did not think we could pick up Maddie yet but Ed felt she was big enough to wean.

Our trailer and truck worked great, no problems. The alpacas seemed to travel well in there. J had put a sealer on the floor, then some mats and straw on top of that, along with vents to make sure there was air flow. We were happy to see that there is plenty of room in the trailer, much more than we realized. We had 3 in there (course 2 are little ones) but there was plenty of room. We shouldn't need anything bigger than this one.

Back at our farm there is some adjustment to be made adding in 3 girls. There was sniffing and some spitting but overall a friendly greeting. We will see how it all works out. It will be interesting to see if Victoria remains queen of the farm. Maddie and Sommerfield did not know what to do with the cats, they would go up and sniff them and watch them play.

Feeding time tonight will be interesting.

J is working on a shelter so that we can bring Remmington home soon. We will move Snowstorm in with Remmington. There is plenty of room in the barn as it is now, but given 3 of the girls are due to have babies and 2 are under a year old, we think it best to make it a mom/baby barn for now. Remmington and Snowstorm can be in a "boy" barn.

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