Saturday, January 5, 2008

Tiger 2?

We had been offered a kitty by Nelson's at Nelson's farm market. At first I wasn't ready for another one with all that happened with Tiger. But Fluffy seemed so lonely and with the holidays over we decided it was time.

Mrs. Nelson let us pick which one. We choose a little black kitten (in the light the black has a red/orange cast to it). Since this kitten did not look like a tiger it didn't make sense to name it Tiger. After several options for names were discussed, Zack chose the name: Thunder.

I knew Fluffy had grown since we've gotten her but I had no idea how much! Next to Thunder Fluffy looks huge. Fluffy was scared of Thunder at first, Thunder did not seem to pay any attention to Fluffy, Thunder was interested in investigating the barn and pasture.

I'll add pictures when I get a camera.

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