Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Turns out Maddie is older than we thought. Somehow J and I thought she was born in October. We were puzzled that she was old and big enough to wean given an October birthdate. Well she was born September 2nd, so definately old enough to wean. Now it makes sense why she is almost the same size as Sommerfield. They are about 5 months apart in age.

Maddie has become rather friendly. She is a curious alpaca. Well, all apacas are curious and given the chance they want to watch what you are doing. But I've found some are the first to come check out what you are doing, and some are the ones who stand in the back of the group to watch. Victoria has always been the first one, we often call her "nosey". Kateri is one that is more likely to stand in the back. Now it seems Maddie is even faster than Victoria in coming to see what I'm doing. Maddie has also let Emma pet her. She seems to be ok with people coming near her. However, I have a lot of difficulty herding Maddie, she doesn't seem to see the need to move.

Sancha, on the other hand, is very quick to move, but jumps and moves so fast she never goes where I was directing her. She loves food, at lot like Victoria who will eat as much as they can get, even spitting at other alpacas to get more food.

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