Sunday, January 13, 2008

I am mad at Kodak

Back on October 12th my camera broke (I remember vividly because it was in the middle of my daughter's birthday party). I looked into getting it fixed. I came across the Kodak "upgrade program". This is where you send in your old camera that needs a repair, they keep it, but send you a coupon for 25% off a new camera. My camera is at least 5 years old, an upgrade would be awesome! So I jumped on that deal.

I filled out the form and sent in my camera as I was instructed to. The first glitch happened when the place I sent my camera to (a repair place) sent me an estimate for repair. I called them and explained I was not seeking repair, I was enrolled in the Kodak upgrade program. They told me that Kodak had not sent them the paperwork that showed I was enrolled and I needed to contact them.

I emailed Kodak about the problem and they emailed me back with the assumption my camera never got to the repair place. I emailed again explaining that my camera was there, waiting for them to give me my coupon. Another email back stated I needed to call the 800 number since we did not seem to be communicating well through email. So I called the 800 number, waited on hold, then waited for the guy to find my reference number. Then he had to talk to someone else. In the end he said I would get my coupon.

Three weeks later, no coupon.

I wanted to get my new camera before Christmas. Now it is mid-January and I still don't have it. My blog would be so much better with pictures.

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