Thursday, April 3, 2008

Alpacas easier than dogs

I determined that in many ways alpacas are easier than dogs. For one, they don't need to be walked like a dog. They don't usually run off like a dog. They don't need to be "let out".

The real clincher is that while J and I are away at the alpaca show this weekend, Emma, our 8 year old, will take care of the alpacas. She's been a big help since the beginning with them. This past week she's practiced feeding them on her own. She does great with the grain and hay. The only thing she can't do is the water because it's too heavy for her to carry (but grandma or grandpa can help with that). Emma even started scooping poop (which I told her she didn't have to, I'd do it when we got home, but she insisted). I'm sure she'll do a great job.

She asked if she could take care of our dogs too, but J and I decided that would be too much. So they are going to the kennel. Dottie is a really good dog and would be ok, but Bailey can be ornery and if she ran off Emma might have a hard time. Plus coming to the house several times a day to let them out would be a huge responsibility. Alpacas don't need to be "let out". Alpacas aren't agressive, and even if they are ornery, their ornery is to spit or walk away (unlike a dog who can growel and nip). And Alpacas don't run off (unless you leave the gate open but I've taught Emma not to do that as I've had some alpacas start to wander off, but even then, they don't run, they walk and if you herd them back they come easy, unlike dogs who run and see you and run farther and faster, sort of like a 2 year old).


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