Saturday, April 19, 2008

Barn Cats

We have two great barn cats, Fluffy and Thunder. We thought we had 2 girl cats. I had heard you can spay them just before they turn a year old, so I had it in my head we'd do that this summer. There are plenty of cats in this world, we were not planning to add to the population. Well, two things went wrong with that plan. One is that one of the cats, Thunder, is actually a boy (as kittens sometimes it's hard to tell, but as they age it becomes more obvious which sex they are). The second, is that cats can start having babies as young as six months old! It appears that Fluffy is pregnant. We are pretty sure she is at least. We have no way to know how far along. I guess one day I'll come to the barn to find a litter of kittens.

In the mean time I am going to have Thunder fixed. One litter is plenty. Then after the kittens arrive we'll have Fluffy fixed also. I'm hoping it's a small litter. We are building another barn back by our house and could use a cat or two back here. But more than that, we are going to need to find some great homes for them. Being they are both long haired, I expect some long haired cute kittens. Expect cute kitten pictures, though it will be a surprise to all of us when it happens.

Fluffy (what a great name Emma gave her, she is "fluffy"):

Thunder, while he looks black, he has grey underneath and the black has reddish streaks in it when the sun shines on him (Zack did a great job naming him, epecially since we thought he was a she, Thunder is a perfect gender neutral name). In this picture Emma is holding Thunder:

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