Sunday, April 13, 2008

best buddies

We've noticed a deep bond between Victoria and Snowstorm. They do have the same mother, and being that Victoria is a year older than Snowstorm, she would have been the cria at Hana's side when Snowstorm was born. But Linda from South Haven alpacas pointed out that Victoria and Kateri have always been together. They were born at near the same time, in the same pen. When they went places to be bred, they went together (when Snowstorm would not have gone). Funny Victoria and Kateri don't have a stronger bond. Alpacas must have a communication that we do not understand.

Since moving Snowstorm to the other barn/pasture, we often find him at the fence and Victoria at the fence right by each other. They will sleep in this position or chew their cud together. I've also noticed that the few times I've caught Victoria starting to wander out of the barn (when I've left the gate open) she first looks for gain by the grain bins, but then heads to the barn where Snowstorm is.

Here are the buddies:

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