Friday, April 18, 2008


I was gone for a few days at a training out of town. I wondered if I might come home to a baby cria, but no, Sancha is still pregnant, very pregnant. I did notice she was in the barn last night and again this morning. Odd for her, as they are almost always outside (provided there isn't deep snow). I wondered if the different behavior was signalling a baby was about to arrive. When I went to the barn this morning to feed the pregnant girls I realized that when they went out into the pasture, these bugs swarmed around their head, especially their ears. Poor girls. I don't know what kind of bugs they are. They are smaller than a horse fly (at least smaller than ones I've seen in the past). But dart at their ears like a horse fly. I hope this doesn't signal problems we'll have now that spring is here.

Emma did a great job of feeding and caring for the alpacas while I was gone :)

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