Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I'm not a patient person so this cria watch is not fun for me at all. I am excited to see our new baby! But seems the cria and Sancha are fine waiting it out a little longer (though Sancha looks uncomfortable, she might be ok with it being born now). My new hope is that it will be born on my birthday, April 28th. I was due on the 16th and came a little late, this baby can follow my lead. I think a baby alpaca born on my birthday would be a wonderful birthday present.

Every morning I go to the barn hoping she will be in labor, only to find her cushed in the barn waiting to eat the grain. Every afternoon I come home and wonder if I will see a baby cria, but no, just Sancha's big belly.

The kids are anxious too as we are all excited to see this baby. My neice says her friends ask her everyday if the alpaca has been born yet.

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