Saturday, June 14, 2008

Alpaca IgG

I'm not even going to pretend to know much about this. What I do know if that after an alpaca is born it is recommended that they have a blood test call an IgG. This tests their immunity. We had Lightning tested and his IgG was low. This is not a complete surprise given he did not nurse in the time frame that is supose to happen (he was slow to stand, and slow to nurse).

Because his IgG was low it was recommended that he have a plasma transfusion. This will give him immunity. Otherwise he could get sick very easily and we don't want to risk his life.

To give him plasma they put it directly in his abdominal cavity. We had to take him to vet for this. We drove him in the car as he is small enough, and it was less gas use than the truck and trailer. J held Lightning on his lap while I drove. It was quite comical. I waited for people to give us odd looks but I don't think anyone noticed. At the vet we ran into a trailer with three alapas in the back who we said hi too. Lightning noticed a horse in a pasture that he loved! I mean he really liked that horse. Funny boy.

At the vet they shaved a section to put in the plasma. We were not allowed in the room when this took place, so we waited. Afterward he ran around the waiting room.

I took these pictures a week after it was done, so it's harder to see (the fiber is starting to puff over it). You can sort of see the section that was shaved just above his rear leg:

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