Saturday, June 14, 2008

Barn dog?

Our dog, Dottie, would love to be a barn dog. If she thinks I'm going to the barn she jumps around in a circle and tries to come with me. I rarely let her because the alpacas don't like her, nor does Fluffy. But sometimes I can't resists because Dottie wants to come so much. She loves Fluffy and can't believe Fluffy doesn't like her.

Dottie is a ten year old English Setter, but at times she acts like a puppy. One of those times is when I'm going to take her jogging with me, the other time is when she comes to the barn. She jumps and runs around like a puppy she gets so excited. Her tail even wags when she sees Fluffy. Fluffy, though, hisses and tries to scratch Dottie.

Here is Fluffy trying to stay away from Dottie:

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