Sunday, June 1, 2008


We are happy that most of the grass we planted last fall has come up. Unfortunately the alpacas are eating it as fast as it grows so it's kept quite short and they keep looking for more. We have also had a dry spring which has made the grass grow slowly.

For the most part the weeds and plants that we dug up and picked out last summer have stayed away. I did have to pull about 1/4 of a wheelbarrow full of ferns out of the boys pasture. Nothing compared to what we pulled last summer/fall. The only place they grew back was in the part that had been woods (rather than what was overgrown pasture). I did notice that they did not grow as fast or as big as the ferns in the woods so maybe we at least stunted them. Hopefully they won't continue to keep coming back.

Here are the girls from this morning grazing on what grass they can find:

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