Monday, June 23, 2008

Food, Poop, and Pasture

There are different alpaca feed grains on the market for alpacas. We use Kent feeds, as that was the one almost all the farms we visited used, including the one we bought our first 3 alpacas from (it worked well to keep them on the same feed).

We store the grain in a big tin garbage can:

It looks similar to dog food or bird food:

They also eat grass (preference is for orchard grass which is what we planted along with blue grass and Timothy). Unfortunately our pastures are small for the number of alpacas we have. We started out with 3 alpacas and intended to alternate pastures. Now with 8 alpacas, they were eating on both. We decided to close one off and water it a ton. Can you tell which one we are watering and letting grow:

For poop, we use a wheelbarrow and put in out in the woods. From the drive you can't see it at all (it's behind the pine tree completely hiden):

Then up close (it's not very tall, more long and low, the grass is growing out of the older poop):

Alpaca poop is a great fertilizer. It also has almost no odor. Their urine does have a scent but that soaks up into the ground fairly quickly. We are going to use to poop to reseed our pasture. J has created a poop mulcher which he plans to debue this week. I'll try to get pictures of that when it happens.

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