Friday, June 20, 2008


We hope Sancha is now pregnant. Lord Stanley went home last weekend. We tried one more breeding and Sancha spit and kicked and clearly did not want to participate. Alpacas will spit off the males when they are pregnant (often people "spit test" a female as a pregnancy test). We will wait a couple weeks then see if the vet can test her (ultra sound or blood test).

Alpacas are tricky about pregnancy though. Neither a blood test nor the ultra sound is completely reliable. And a certain percent of pregnancies are absorbed by the mother (so they were pregnant but then are no longer pregnant). This can happen even later on in the pregancy and since you can't really see they are pregnant until near the end (about 10 months in) it is very easy for a female to not be pregnant when you thought they were.

On that note, Victoria and Kateri are looking very pregnant! They are both due mid-July. We can't wait!

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