Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lord Stanely herdsire for Sancha

This weekend was date weekend for Sancha. Lord Stanley from Autumn Alpacas, LLC, came for a visit.

Pictures from his visit:

We were shocked how big he is! Especially his feet. They almost look like Llama feet. He's huge even next to Snowstorm (who we thought was so big). I wonder how big this cria is going to be given Sancha is also a bigger alpaca.

2002 Peruvian Lord Stanley (Champion Conan Son)

Lord Stanley is a 6X Color Champion and our signature herdsire. He is off and runnning in the cria production department. His first 3 offspring took Get of Sire at the '08 WOTC and Mirage just came back from the Indiana Invitational Show (level V) with a blue and Fawn Color Champion. **Update-Mirage just did it again, she took first at IAOBA out of 12 and finished ahead of a Jeremiah offspring. She then went on to take the Reserve Color Championship. His first son, Slick has alreadt notched 2 Color Championships as well.

Stanley capped off his stellar show career with a First and Color Championship for fleece at MAPACA. In another notable performance at OABA, Stanley got the nod over his 1/2 brother who also has 6 Color Championships. Isn't sibling rivalry great?

Stanley has inherited brightness, uniformity and a high frequency crimp from his sire, Conan, a nationally known herdsire who now resides at Dos Donas in Missouri.

Currently Stanley has 10 cria on the ground with more than a dozen on the way. So far he has produced from white to brown and a couple of multi's. He has tree trunks for legs and recently tipped the scales at 234 Lbs. To top it off he has a black face and black points.

Stanley just sheared a remarkable 13.5 Lbs and is now available for moblie breeding. This Get of Sire winner has already produced multiple Color Champions. One of his daughters just won Fawn Color Champ at the Indiana Invitational so he is stamping out winners at the hightest level shows (Level V over 1100 alpacas) Now you can let him do the same for you farm.

1st Place 2008 WOTC Get of Sire
1st & Color Champion 2006 MAPACA-fleece
1st & Color Champion 2006 IAOBA-fleece
1st Place 2006 MOPACA-fleece
2nd Place AFCNA Nationals-fleece
1st & Color Champion 2005 MIAF
Best in Show 2005 MIAF
Judge's Choice 2005 MIAF
1st Place 2004 MAPACA-fleece
1st & Color Champion 2004 MIAF-fleece
1st Place 2004 Michigan Breeders Show
2nd Place 2004 MAPACA
1st & Color Champion 2003 OABA-fleece
1st Place & Best Crimp 2003 Northern Illinois
1st Place 2003 MIAF
1st Place 2003 MIAF-fleece
1st & Color Champion 2003 Llamafest
2nd Place 2004 PAOBA

Stud Fee: $3000 6X Champion

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